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srt Therapy

SOft-stretch release techniques

I describe my work and therapy as a completely gentle and non-aggressive hands on approach to unlocking the neuro-myofascial connection through the use of my Soft-Stretch Release Techniques. SRT Therapy focuses on 4 Primary Systems. 

The Nervous System - The Fascial System - The Lymphatic System - The Energy System

SRT combines Thai Massage with Myofascial Release, Fascial Stretching, Nervous System Regulation and Muscle Activations in order to achieve longer-lasting corrections in Posture, Pain, and Performance.

I primarily offer SRT Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Treatments together or separately.

If you find yourself struggling through life in chronic pain and you think you've tried everything, I can suggest that you most likely have not tried SRT plus the combination of healing therapies I utilize. The approach that I take to addressing movement, restrictions and pain involves a variety of systems, which include the Nervous system and Fascia, the Muscles, Scar Tissue, Trauma to the tissue, Conscious and Subconscious beliefs, and trapped emotional feelings.


Every system in the body is intertwined and revolves around each other. To address one specific system is to only look at one small corner of the puzzle. 

Message me today if you are curious to see what SRT can do for you, and if you are a trainer or coach looking to add this modality to your toolbox, I would love to hear from you and can find more information at

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