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As a big fan of Fiction and Fantasy, as well as the comic book characters and superhero's, I have always been drawn to the creative side of story telling. I have always wanted to share my creativity with the world and that comes in the form of my upcoming book White Raven series. The first book in this installation will be Operation Raven



Abducted as children, Tyler and Jessica White, are thrown into the inhumane world of child trafficking. After being separated from each other, Tyler is sold into the underground fight scene, where the only way to win is by surviving. Building an almost brother-like bond with another child named Hudson, the two vow to each other that they will escape this world. The boys escape the underground world of fighting, although not in the way they had planned. The escape goes awry and leaves the two boys traveling down separate paths.

Almost two decades later, Hudson works in the FBI, launching Operation Raven, the objective to bring down child trafficking rings and to bring their tormentor to justice after all these years. Tyler, struggling with the sole mission to find and rescue his little sister, goes in the opposite direction of the law. 

Dawning the persona of a masked Vigilante, Tyler knows first hand the corruption within law enforcement and decides to exact justice in his own manner. After years apart Hudson and Tyler reunite, their paths crossing as their mutual journey to bring their tormentor, the man known simply as The Fox, to justice.

The story unfolds, as Agent Hudson, The White Raven, and The Fox come face to face after their troubling past to say the least. The fabric of justice unravels as each man has his own agenda for the Fox, while the Fox secretly has his plans as well. Have the two men fallen victim once again to the sly Fox, or will the Fox finally be served the long-overdue justice he deserves... and what about Jessica?


"You fear the knowledge that monsters walk among you, disguised as men. They prey upon these fears and upon your weaknesses. I do not seek vengeance, only justice for the forgotten ones. A justice to be delivered by the edge of my own blade, as these monsters will soon come to find."


-Quote the Raven, Nevermore

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