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Lymphatic drainage treatments

Your lymphatic system is essentially your "waste management" system and if it isn't functioning efficiently, there can be minor and major implications over time if left unaddressed. ​

Your lymphatic system ties directly into your cardiovascular and immune systems, and this makes this one of the absolute most important systems in your body. Unfortunately, it is highly overlooked by many people and professionals included. Most professionals will only look at your lymphatic system in correlation to cancer or other infections that may occur.

Any conditions that are cardiovascular and immune related should be taken into consideration along with the lymphatic systems health and functionality.


It is my goal to help you achieve better healing and function of your Lymphatic System and Fascial System in order to help


- weight gain

- bloating

- sleep issues

- fatigue

- headaches

- sinus infections

- swelling through limbs

- constipation and irregular digestion issues

- food sensitivities 

- increased illness 

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